January 2014

TSLM winds up, but new community group to be formed

 Supporters at TSLM’s Information Night & Review of the Year congratulated the campaign group for battling to the end to prevent the destructive waste that will be the Heysham M6 Link road.

The meeting of the local campaign group Transport Solutions for Lancaster & Morecambe at the Vale of Lune Rugby Club on Wednesday 15 January heard that the arguments against the road were as strong as ever.


“The Council admits that the road will not solve Lancaster’s traffic problems” said David Gate, Chair of TSLM. “It will not relieve congestion. The journey time savings (5 minutes, at peak times only), will be insignificant. The forecast of new jobs is an illusion.

 “It will encourage car use and pollution, and worsen global warming,” he added, “at exactly the time we should be reducing it.”

 The meeting agreed that the time had come to wind up TSLM, and move forward to another community group that will

  • Make sure the Council carries out its undertakings, and not forget the promises it made to get the scheme approved
  • Hold the Council to account to collect and publish the information so that we can assess whether the benefits it promised (congestion relief, jobs) actually happen.
  • Campaign for better, sustainable transport measures that will really benefit the people of the area.


People volunteered to organise a meeting to set up this new community group

  • Broadoak

    Torrisholme road is in the picture as it passes Broadoak. Here the monster road comes through the Broadoak site (loss of 20+ jobs but never mind) and crosses over Torrisholme road at height (double deckers need to go under, hope they dont disturb the graffiti artists) and into greenbelt land where it then heads through the fields passing close to the Crematorium.

  • Halton Road & the Otters

    Otter family at Halton – protected by law but threatened by bridge building

    Halton Road, too narrow, twisting and dangerous for 74% traffic


  • Barley Cop Lane

    This is Barley Cop Lane. Over the hedge on the right hand side is Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium, over the hedge at the left hand side is where the MONSTER 70 mph dual carraigeway will be.

  • College car park

    150 car parking spaces to disappear from here. Picture shows boot sale being held on car park at weekend. Whilst they plan to find more car parking spaces there is a limit as to what can be found and most cars are going to end up parking on local streets

  • loss of Greenbelt

    Can you see the white building-right middle of picture? Well that is Torrisholme Cricket Club clubhouse and the MONSTER
    runs right to left through the field between TCC and the cows (and at height I would remind you, not at ground level). Over
    beyond the right hand side of the pic is Lancaster & Morecambe College where the road passes through the grounds of the college, and over to the left (off picture) is Lancaster & Morecambe Crematorium.The road passes close to it.

  • A6 heading South

    A6 looking South (towards Lancaster), Beaumont
    Gate Farm on the right, where a slip road from the roundabout on
    the Link Road, will join the A6 at a junction controlled by traffic lights

Wildlife Expert supports our campaign
Otter picture taken on River Lune at Halton on 18-11-2012 by local photographer Stan Parrott.

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