JUNE 2013 No action at present.

JULY 2012
Calling all TSLM supporters, Calling all TSLM supporters.........URGENT action now required please:-

The office of the NID has agreed to hold “Open Floor” meetings on the 17th, 18th and 19th July and the Examiner has determined that two on the 18th July should be held at Torrisholme Methodist Church at 2.00pm and again at 6.30pm.  The other two will be held at Lancaster Town Hall at 9.30am. “Open Floor” meetings are held to give ordinary people the opportunity to put to the Inspector their own very personal view of the impact of the road on them and their families.

TSLM is urging residents of Torrisholme and any other affected areas to turn up on the day and show the Examiner the strength of feeling about what is seen by many people as this expensive, unnecessary and damaging road. TSLM says that some people feel that the result of the Inquiry is a foregone conclusion (which is certainly what Lancashire County Council would have everyone believe) but TSLM warns against complacency and states that there are already opportunities for the principal supporters & objectors to have their say on a range of specific and important subjects. However, the “Open Floor” hearings are not intended for those organisations.

David Gate, the Chairman of TSLM, the principal opposition to the road, says: It is very important for those people that feel strongly about this road to come along on the 18th and make the Examiner very aware of how strongly local people oppose the road.” He concluded: “ We want the Examiner to know that it is not just vested interests that can have a say but that local residents can play an important and influential role in the new planning process.”



Now is YOUR chance to tell the IPC what you think about the road scheme.

Lancashire County Council (LCC) submitted the application to IPC (Infrastructure Planning Commission, the new planning authority) on 6 December 20911. IPC had 28 days to consider it, but rushed the decision through by 23 December 2011.

This does not mean they accept the scheme, just that they will examine it.

The next stage is for EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN THE SCHEME to register with the IPC between 11 January and 20 February. Do this on the IPC website


and give brief reasons why you oppose the scheme. You can give more detailed reasons later.

We hope that as many people as possible will register and tell the IPC why they oppose the scheme. This is very different from telling LCC. The County Council is the promoter of the scheme, and has never listened to those who opposed it and pointed out better alternatives. But the IPC is an independent body and is obliged to listen to our concerns.