Hadrian Junction (& McDonalds access) / Morecambe Road Junction / College car park


Existing traffic light controlled junction remains at the Honda garage

A new junction is planned between the Honda garage and Morecambe Road

This new junction gives access to Hadrian Road and McDonalds

Existing roundabout at Morecambe Road replaced by a new, widened, traffic light controlled junction

The proposed route then continues across the Lancaster & Morecambe College car parks
There are presently approximately 150 College car parking spaces which would be removed along the route
The revised plans give access from the College campus to the football fields via an underpass
The College has expressed concern over it’s future viability and that of it’s 900 employees


Broadoak Corner, Torrisholme


At this point the new road would be approximately 7.8 metres (26 feet) above the present level….approximately roof level !

On top of this, street lighting would be approx 10 metres (32 feet) above the new road

See computer aided simulations of this area

LCC Environment Directorate Quote:
(Response to objections and comments Dec 2005)

‘A large number of objections have been received from the residents in this area in this area regarding the impact of the proposed bridge & associated embankment structures. Without copies of the actual letters of objection it is not possible to make any constructive comments’.....
The public consultation process?

Broadoak bridge2_web

Broadoak Corner to the Railway Crossing

The new road continues to rise through the fields towards the West Coast mainline. The present farmland would be obliterated , not only by the towering, street lit embankments, but also by the addition of SUDS ponds, designed to hold the contaminated run-off from the road structure. The road is planned to cross the railway 15m (49 feet) in the air. Consider the effect of streetlights 81 feet above the present field level




The Canal Crossing


The new road continues to rise beyond the railway, and crosses the Lancaster Canal at a point roughly half way between Hammerton Hall Lane bridge and Folly bridge

At this point, the road would be approximately 6.1 metres (20 feet) above the canal

On top of this, street lighting would be approx 10 metres (32 feet) above the new road

Consider from how far away you would see this canal crossing bridge, bearing in mind the present level of the canal