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Posted by Bob Deegan on 26/10/2013   Email

Did the Lancaster By Pass(M6) built in the 60,s solve the problem? Did the opening of Greyhound Bridge in the 70's ? New roads just fill up with car dependent people. There's a railway to Heysham, I want to see that as the big Link

Posted by Henry Dixon on 05/10/2013   Email

Hi, very sorry to read the sad news of the go ahead for the road. Sorry your efforts have not won out on this occasion. One day people will look to the longer term rather than the short term money grabbing approach they seem to exhibit nowadays. Very sad day Henry.

Posted by Jane Kondras on 19/03/2013   Email

This proposed road is a disgrace on so many levels. I am not a NIMBY but do not want to see the countryside ravaged and so much money wasted on something that won't ease the local traffic problem.

Posted by James Jackson on 13/03/2013   Email

Today I filmed 2 adult otters swimming up from the Skerton Weir toward halton. Is there anywhere I should report this sighting in support of stopping this frankly ridiculous and damaging scheme.

Posted by John Dent on 06/07/2012

please keep going with your fight to stop this crazy idea. I am sorry I am too old to help you but am thinking about you. best regards John.

Posted by Darren on 10/02/2012

Take a look at the otter that comes up the river every day at dusk from where the new bridge will be built - once construction starts, and the road is operational, the family of Otters at this location, which are a European Protected Species which it is illegal under UK and European law to disturb or interfere with will be destroyed search youtube for Otter at Halton

Posted by Nicola on 17/01/2012

Want to say a massive thank you for the recent email with the direct link to the IPC website. I have been meaning to write letters to the council but never got around to it but since sending me that email i can gladly say that my strong opposition views have been written. Thanks again, Nicola

Posted by Mary Stepson on 30/11/2011

Glad to see you are still going strong after 7 years or more. We will be at the Halton event to give our support. Thanks for all your hard work. Best Wishes Mary

Posted by Margaret Penfold on 15/07/2011   Email

Hello, I went to the consultations recently and was disappointed by the computerised visual they were running. There was nicely trimmed lawned areas at the sides of the road and the visual whizzed past areas like Lancaster & Morecambe college as if they didn't exist whereas we actually know that such areas are going to suffer greatly from noise, air pollution and the visual aspects. The computer graphic painted a very unreal picture

Posted by Frank Wilson on 09/07/2011   Email

This road is madness. County Council are cutting services and jobs right left and centre and yet are prepared to spend millions building a road that local people do not want. Keep at it, hopefully common sense will prevail, cheers Frank

Posted by John Nelson on 29/06/2011   Email

Hi, great site. Please put me on your contact list, cheers John