Question 1

Subject: Halton
There is a belief in the village that, as part of the M6 link road project there will be a slip road from the Sheffalands roundabout back into the village. It is believed that it will run between the M6 and the link road joining the Low road between the existing M6 bridge and the proposed link road bridge.
Is this correct?
If so you should already be aware of and taken due cgnisance of the triple bend on the Low Road past St Wifrids Church, the Tower House and up to the war memorial. I would welcome your observations and comment.

Answer 1

The proposed road layout in Halton can be seen on the LCC web site - -  The slip road from Halton Rd. to the proposed Shefferlands roundabout lies between the present M6 and the proposed Bridge over Halton Rd.  There are 85metres between the centre lines of the M6 and the proposed Halton Rd bridge. The slip road lies between them.  This slip road accounts for the forecast increase in traffic on Church Brow.  
At the Halton exhibition the County Project Manager and his staff did not know anything about the dangerous character of the roads in Halton outside the red line which defines the application.  They were ten informed about:
The narrowness of Halton Rd.
Its twists, its high stone walls which unsight drivers and walkers:
The dangers faced by people at St Wilfrid's Church: 
The safety measures that have been put in place – double white lines, reflecting bollards, flashing amber lights and a 20mph advisory limit.
The only response so far to local residents is that the LCC would take the problems into consideration "as part of an ongoing maintenance programme" 
The police traffic management for N.Lancs considers that the road at this point cannot take the increase and that if the plan went through the police would be called to incidents every day of the week.
LCC have responded to the above police position by suggesting converting the advisory speed limit into a mandatory one.
It is a matter of considerable concern that the LCC map showing traffic forecasts does not show the High Road which goes through the centre of the village.  It is reasonable to suppose that much or all of the 74% increase in traffic must come along the High Rd since Low Rd. and Foundry Lane both show a decrease. 
The two LCC responses mentioned above are seen as inadequate by the group of residents who organised the Lady Godiva protest march on Sunday last. 

Question 2

Reading through the pro/anti points, I believe that the link road is needed! I live in Morecambe and often have to travel across to Lancaster & M6. Many times I sit in the traffic for at least an hour due to the roads baised to cyclists/pedestrains & not designed for traffic flow. The traffic queues surely add to the CO2 emmisions? This link will reduce the traffic into Lancaster & make it safer for the cyclists to use the roads & cycle link rather than the current use of the paths (yes many times have I been almost hit when walking by cyclists & when driving at traffic light cut up by them! I have no axe to bare for to council just as a road user in Morecambe. I bet this does not reach the guestbook!

Answer 2

We have sat in the traffic like you, so we know that something is needed.
The Council's own figures say that, if the road were built, traffic would reduce on some roads, but increase on others (e.g. Morecambe Road between the Shrimp and McDonald's). In Lancaster City Centre it would go down slightly on the A6 northbound, but actually go UP on the A6 Southbound (past the Town Hall). At the Inquiry, LCC admitted that congestion would be back to square one after 5 years.
What's needed is a big improvement in public transport, making buses and trains more attractive, improving some roads, with park & ride. And yes, making cycling and walking easier plays its part. Freeing up the roads for people who have no alternative. More effective & cheaper than building a road. Plans have been drawn up, but the Council won't look at them - it wants the Northern Bypass.
With the bypass built, any traffic reduction would only be temporary - we'd still be stuck in traffic, and wanting a bypass for the bypass.