In summer 2010, TSLM met with people from other local groups who favour sustainable transport solutions for the area. They considered how a report by transport consultants Faber Maunsell, commissioned by Lancashire County Council, could form the basis of a package of non-road building measures which would

·        Seriously reduce local congestion, and so

·        Aid regeneration and tourism, and

·        Improve access to Heysham -

·        AND SAVE £100 MILLION

 They asked Alan James to write a report describing this package, including contributions on their areas of expertise. He costed it at £30-40 million, saving £100 million on the price then of the controversial Heysham M6 Link Road.

 The proposed package has five key elements:

·        High quality spinal bus route between Heysham and the University of Lancaster

·        Rail system upgrades

·        Cycle infrastructure

·        Revisions to Lancaster gyratory systems

·        Park and Ride

Since the report was published (October 2010), the cost of the scheme has been reduced to £123 million, on dubious costings.  But LCC’s contribution has been increased to £12 million, plus all cost overruns. This open-ended commitment will cost Lancashire Council Taxpayers dearly. And, as Lancashire’s top priority, it blocks all the region’s other transport schemes for many years. Spending this money now, when jobs and services are being severely cut, is perverse.

 Recently updated figures show that now, more than ever, the scheme

·        fails to tackle congestion

·        is ineffective in bringing jobs and helping tourism, and

·        fails to meet government priorities of sustainable economic growth and carbon reduction.

 Now, more than ever, our District needs a package of non-road building measures like this one.

 The local sustainable transport groups who contributed to this alternative proposal are:

Lancaster, Morecambe & District Rail User Group (LAMRUG)

Dynamo (Lancaster & District Cycle Campaign)

Transition City Lancaster (TCL)

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)


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