These are some of the Written Representations submitted by objectors to the scheme

The road fails to reduce congestion and traffic levels in Lancaster

Traffic Modellling Summary.doc

Traffic modelling and forecasting FULL.doc

The journey time savings are minimal,and it fails to bring the hoped-for jobs

Economic Impacts - Summary Report.doc

Economic Impacts - Full Report.doc

It damages the environment and wildlife

Ecology & Environment - Summary Report.pdf

Ecology & Environment - Full report.pdf

And increases the risk of flooding

Flood Risk & Drainage-Summary report.pdf

Flood Risk & Drainage_Full report.pdf

It has a damaging impact on the Green Belt

Green Belt Summary.doc

Green Belt FULL.doc

and increases harmful pollution

Climate Change - Summary.doc

Climate Change and the HM6L FULL.doc

Government Guidance has not been followed,and national traffic figures do not justify building a road.

Transport Appraisal and Traffic Growth

The scheme history does not establish the need for this road; the assessment of the Western Route and non-road options has been inadequate.

Inadequate Assessment of Alternatives Summary.pdf

Inadequate Assessment of Alternatives FULL.pdf

The “complementary measures”, which LCC admits are necessary, have not been thought through.

Complementary measures Summary.doc

Complementary measures FULL.doc

Heysham Port is not a sufficient reason to build the road

Heysham and Irish Sea Traffic - Summary.doc

Heysham and Irish Sea Traffic-Full.doc

It has a damaging impact on local people

Russell Drive.Thorpe Avenue etc. FULL doc