What is TSLM?

 Transport Solutions for Lancaster & Morecambe (TSLM) is the local campaign Group set up in 2005 to oppose the construction of the Heysham M6 Link Northern Route. We reject the discredited illusion that building this road will solve congestion and bring prosperity to our area.

 We advocate instead transport solutions for the 21st century that do not rely on the motor car, do not cover the countryside with concrete and do not increase the carbon emissions which are so harmful to our planet.

 What alternative solutions does TSLM propose?

 Many years ago, the County Council decided to build a road, and has spent decades trying to justify it. TSLM believes that there is no one solution to our transport problems, but instead a comprehensive package of measures is needed.

 TSLM has worked with other like-minded local transport groups to develop a package of measures, which could include:

 Ø      A high quality spinal bus route between Heysham and Lancaster University, with enhanced feeder spur routes.

·          With dedicated bus lanes and junction priority measures, where possible

·          Public transport bridge at Luneside

Ø      Rail system upgrades

·         Upgrading the environment at railway stations, with more stations serving residential areas

·         upgrading signalling between Lancaster & Morecambe

·         Improving facilities to allow some transfer of port freight from road to rail.

Ø      Improving cycling infrastructure

Ø      Redesigning the existing Lancaster City Centre gyratory

Ø      Park & Ride

Ø      Online road improvements, particularly to the A683, between Junction 34 of the M6 and Heysham Port.

·          With alternative measures reducing local traffic, the A683 could be improved or widened to ease access to the port.

These proposals have been costed at £30 to £40 million, saving up to £100 million on the cost of the Link Road.

 For a detailed description and costing of these alternative solutions, see the James Report sections 5.11 to 5.20

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